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My laser hair removal result was better than I expected

I had laser hair removal done by Ms. Zeynep at Dr. Caghan Baytekin Clinic and I was very satisfied. I thank him very much for Read More

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Dr. Caghan Baytekin uses a great device in laser epilation

I have been taking laser hair removal treatments for a year. They are using a very successful device. I made a decision after Read More

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I am satisfied with the quality of Dr. Caghan Baytekin

I was very pleased with Dr. Caghan Baytekin's closeness to me. I had laser hair removal. He listened to me and determined Read More

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I am very satisfied with my laser hair removal results

A friendly, caring, friendly team is the only institution where I never felt like a stranger. In addition to Dr. Caghan Read More

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I got rid of my facial hair with laser hair removal

I had laser hair removal to get rid of the hair on my chin and cheek area. I completed the 4th session and there was a Read More

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I got rid of my hair with laser hair removal

I am getting comfortable this summer with the laser hair removal that I started last winter. On all counts, you can trust Dr. Read More

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I have a bright skin thanks to mesotherapy

I came to your clinic last winter with the reference of my friend. I had several skin treatments and laser hair removal. Read More

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I was greeted with the same interest in all of my laser hair removal sessions

I went for laser hair removal, I was satisfied, a really caring team, thank you 🙏 Read More

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