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A hassle-free breast augmentation process

I went to Emre Bey for breast augmentation surgery. I had a very successful surgery. I had no problems after the surgery and Read More

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I got Synmastya after the breast implant surgery by Dr. Burak Kayan

Dr. Resit Burak Kayan gave me SYNMASTYA  the rearest and most difficult complication to fix. My story is long and Read More

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Breast augmentation and mastopexy was performed by Dr. Ebru Sen

Hi, everybody, I did implant surgery in this clinic and I want to say thanks to everyone who helps me to change my life now Read More

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Mi*** Ebru Sen, MD - 1 Comment 02.06.2021

I got natural and big breasts with breast augmentation

I had breast augmentation surgery. As for why I got it done in the first place, I wanted it to be bigger. So natural and big. Read More

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I had breast augmentation surgery and it was exactly the size I wanted.

I was complaining about the small size of my breasts, but I didn't want them to be too big. I wanted it to look natural Read More

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Li*** Hakan Ocsel, MD - 26.09.2019

I can say that my doctor changed my life

Hi, My name is Samida I am originally from Romania but I live in London. I always wnated to have big breast and I was scared Read More

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Dr. Ebru Durmus made the breasts augmentation what I wanted

I had breast augmentation surgery on October 6 and I am very happy with the result. The surgery went so smoothly that I Read More

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S.*** Ebru Durmus, MD - 13.03.2023

Dr. Ebru Durmus's post-operative care was great

I had breast augmentation surgery to Dr. Ebru Durmus. He took great care of me during my post-operative recovery process. Read More

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Fm*** Ebru Durmus, MD - 09.03.2023

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