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3 years ago
Does Breast Augmentation damage the mammary glands?

Is breast augmentation surgery suitable for unmarried people? Will I have problems if I want to have children in the future?

6 years ago
The sizes of my right and left breasts are different from each other, are the sizes can be equal with breast augmentation?

My right breast is much larger than my left breast, I want an operation to equalize them. I'm also want breast...

3 years ago
Should I replace my teardrop prosthesis against the risk of cancer?

Hello. I heard that teardrop-shaped breast prostheses with rough surfaces are banned in France because they cause cancer. I...

6 years ago
Can you inform me about breast augmentation surgery?

I want to have breast augmentation surgery. Can you help me with this? I want to have it in Istanbul. 

3 years ago
The breast prosthesis that I had 7 years ago has sagged, what should I do?

I had a breast prosthesis 7 years ago. They sagged due to weight loss. Which treatment can be applied?

6 years ago
I am looking for a doctor about breast augmentation with filler

Hello, I want breast augmentation with filler. I am looking for a doctor who can help with this. Is it possible to get...

6 years ago
How can I even out my asymmetrical breasts?

Hello. I want to receive information about something. I have naturally asymmetrical breasts and they make me feel depressed...

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