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Three surgeries, three good results

Dr. Azer Zeynalov is a very good plastic surgeon. He had my rhinoplasty, liposuction and BBL done. I am very happy with the Read More

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My BBL process with Dr. Atilla, the successful doctor of Clinic Expert

Zelal, an expert health consultant at Clinic Expert, always took great care of me before and after the operation, and always Read More

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Mu*** ClinicExpert - 18.06.2022

My BBL Experience Was So Amazing :)

Hello everyone, I share with you my BBL review. Actually, my result is quite clear in the photo, but I will still have a few Read More

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I had 6 surgeries together with Dr. Hakan Bulam

Dr. Hakan Bulam is a super doctor, I had surgery with him last summer. Everything turned out very well, well done. 1. Tummy Read More

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Se*** Mehmet Hakan Bulam, MD - 1 Comment 24.02.2021

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift done by Dr. Metin Kerem

I went to Istanbul to have a Brazilian butt lift done by Dr. Metin Kerem. The price of this surgery in Scotland starts from Read More

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Da*** Metin Kerem, MD - 14.02.2018

The result of the combined procedures of liposuction, BBL, bichectomy and chin surgery is great.

I came to Turkey to have liposuction, BBL, bichectomy, chin surgery. The whole team was very good. Dr. Murat Gurel was very Read More

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Ma*** Murat Gurel, MD - 13.03.2023

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