25 April 2018
2 weeks after treatment

I have a belly like a model

My dear doctor, Hakan, performed my tummy tuck surgery 18 days ago. I thank him very much for his sincerity, interest, approach, modesty, and support since the first examination. He made me think that I had made the right decision every day. I got examined by him and believed him. I didn't even want to go to other recommended doctors. I was so comfortable with him and he gave me so much confidence that I decided to have my surgery done by him. It was an easy and painless operation and post-op process. I had my surgery in a decent hospital. He is such a great doctor and human being that as soon as I came out of my surgery, he went to my room and informed my family. My happiness is reflected on my face so much that my relatives think that I have had my face done, now I have a belly like a model. I’m looking at the TV and I don’t see any better-done abdomen or belly button than mine. Thank you so much, Dr. Hakan and his assistant Ms. Nimet. Best regards…


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Hakan Ocsel, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review He's a very good doctor, both professional and professional.
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