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Who is Ahmet Alp, MD?

He started his medical education at Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine. He transferred to Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine and graduated from there.

He worked as a Practitioner at Erzincan State Hospital.

Between 2007-2012, he received specialty training at Haseki Training and Research Hospital. He became an ENT Specialist in 2012.

Dr. Ahmet Alp currently continues to serve in his own clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What field does Ahmet Alp, MD specialize in?
Ahmet Alp, MD is an expert in the field of Otolaryngologist.
How can I make an appointment for Ahmet Alp, MD?
You can create an appointment request by visiting Ahmet Alp, MD profile page on NewMe.