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About Medicalhair?
MedicalHair owned by Dr. Sibel Ulusan and the clinic provides services in the field of hair transplantation applications.

The hair of the person experiencing hair loss is primarily analyzed with advanced technology equipment. The anatomical structure of the hair, hair loss patterns and blood tests are performed to reach the detailed history of the person. Then, a personalized hair transplant is planned.

The clinical doctor team prepares a personalized medication, PRP package, laser treatment, and lotion-reinforced plan and closely follows the patient's process.

In 2020, Dr. Zafer Ulusan has also started to serve at Medicalhair with his own team. He plans and follows the whole transplantation process from beginning to end. With the team he trained, the whole process is followed by the doctor, that is, the doctor is guaranteed and at an affordable price.

It is free to make a preliminary interview at Medicalhair Clinic.


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Ca*** Hair Transplant - 21.07.2022
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Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant
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Hair Transplantation

Bayrakli / Izmir

Hair Transplantation

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Frequently Asked Questions

In which branches does Medicalhair serve?
It provides services in Medicalhair Hair Transplant, Mustache Transplantation, Beard Transplant branches.
What is the Medicalhair address information?
Adalet Mahallesi, Manas Bulvari No:72/B Bayrakli Izmir
How can I make an appointment with the doctors serving in the Medicalhair?
You can view the Medicalhair profile page on NewMe, make an appointment, find the doctors working in the institution and more.