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Who is Nedim Budakoglu, MD?
He was born in February 1968 in Edirne. He graduated from Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Nedim Budakoglu is a registered medical aesthetic physician from the Ministry of Health.

He is currently in Istanbul, especially; he continues to work on medical aesthetics in Antalya, London, and Frankfurt.


  • He successfully graduated from Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine in 1990.
  • He received a registered medical aesthetic certificate from the Ministry of Health.
  • He went to France between 2000-2003 and received Mesotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine training in Paris and Bordeaux.
  • He has participated in many congresses and training seminars at home and abroad so far.
  • He attended the Master Aesthetics Program of the University of Camerino and Turin in Italy.
Doctor's CV
  • After receiving the title of a medical doctor, he worked in the Emergency Service departments of various hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health until 2000.
  • In 2003, he opened his first practice in Antalya.
  • In 2005, he started to serve his patients in the fields of aesthetic medicine and mesotherapy in his own practice.
  • Dr. Nedim Budakoğlu still continues to work in Istanbul, Antalya, London, and Frankfurt.

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What field does Nedim Budakoglu, MD specialize in?
Nedim Budakoglu, MD is an expert in the field of Medical Physician.
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You can create an appointment request by visiting Nedim Budakoglu, MD profile page on NewMe.