Mustafa Atabey, MD

General Surgery
Kadikoy / Istanbul
17 Years of Experience
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Years of Experience: 17

Who is Mustafa Atabey, MD?
He was born in 1983 in Kırşehir. He became a medical doctor in 2007 and a general surgeon in 2013. He is married and has a child.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Atabey currently continues to serve in BAU Medical Park Göztepe and VM Medical Park Maltepe hospitals.
  • He completed his primary and secondary education in Kırşehir.
  • He studied at Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine between 2000-2007 and became a medical doctor.
  • Between 2008-2013, he specialized in the Department of General Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cumhuriyet University.
Work Experiences
  • Between 2013 and 2015, he worked at Doğubayazıt State Hospital and completed his compulsory service.
  • Between 2015 and 2018, he worked as an Assistant to the Department of General Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cumhuriyet University.
  • Between 2016 and 2018, he served as Deputy Chief Physician of Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals.
  • He served in Medicana Hospitals Group between 2018 and 2021.
  • Turkish Surgery Association
  • Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery Association
  • Turkish Hepatobiliary Surgery Association
  • Turkish Obesity Surgery Association
  • Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Association
  • Istanbul Surgery Association
  • Surgery Days Association
  • Sivas Breast Diseases Association


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Ys*** Sleeve Gastrectomy - 26.07.2021
Dr*** Sleeve Gastrectomy - 02.07.2021


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Frequently Asked Questions

What field does Mustafa Atabey, MD specialize in?
Mustafa Atabey, MD is an expert in the field of General Surgery.
What treatments does Mustafa Atabey, MD use?
Mustafa Atabey, MD serves its patients in Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy Revision treatments.
How can I make an appointment for Mustafa Atabey, MD?
You can create an appointment request by visiting Mustafa Atabey, MD profile page on NewMe.
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