About Dentalprof?

Dentalprof-Ortodontist Clinics have been providing oral and dental health services for more than 25 years, to patients from 80 different countries with a satisfaction rate of 96.4%. The highly qualified team was founded by Dr. Barış Ünlü, an orthodontist licensed in Germany, and consists of eight specialist dentists who are experts in all areas of dentistry.

Dentalprof-Ortodontics Clinics offer treatments across the entire spectrum of dentistry and orthodontics: dental treatments, implant and aesthetic therapies, orthodontic and facial-surgical treatments, periodontological surgical treatments and plastic surgery including follow-up treatment. With the latest digital smile design technologies – such as transparent aligners, prepless laminate ceramics, tooth discoloration, all on 4 – 6 implants, missing tooth procedures, skeletal malocclusions and recesses on gum tissue are conducted according to your wishes.

The Dentalprof - Ortodontist Clinics have been accredited with the “Excellence in Dental Tourism” and “Quality in Dental Care” certificates by the International Healthcare Accreditation Organisation Temos. Thanks to our ISO 9001:2015-certified in-house laboratory, we offer a fast and high-quality service using world-renowned CE-marked materials.

Patient satisfaction is our top priority. We stand out, by paying attention to the smallest details to find excellent treatment solutions with our experienced specialist dentists. We are continuously striving to develop in this direction and have ourselves audited on an ongoing basis by internationally recognised, independent quality organisations. We always guarantee first-class work and the highest quality in service and materials.

In order to be closer to our patients who come from Europe to our Dentalprof-Ortodontist Clinics in Istanbul before their arrival and after their treatment is completed, we have opened our first practice in Germany (Düsseldorf area) in April 2023.

Every patient is an important member of our ever-growing family, and to justify the trust placed in us, our multilingual specialists will assist you with all your questions and problems before, during and after treatment.

For more information, please have a look at our web page smile.dentalprof.com.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with all your oral and dental health questions and needs.

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