04 December 2021
1 month after treatment

Refreshed and happy me after rhinoplasty

After I decided to have a nose job, I made a selection from the list of the best plastic surgeons in Izmir while researching on the internet, and I was lucky that my path crossed with Dr. Caghan Baytekin. The pictures I've already shared tell of his professional skills and success, there's no need to talk about it, it's just perfect!

With his humanity, his warm and sincere dialogue with his patients, and his comforting suggestions, he and his wonderful team made a magic touch to my life and created a brand new me. I am glad to have known you, Dr. Caghan, I am glad to have entrusted the aesthetic appearance of my nose, which is very important to me, to your magic and skillful hands.

I just said what I didn't want—all I wanted was a healthy, natural-looking nose—and the result is in! Although only 1 month has passed, my nose has regained its magnificent appearance and health. Thank you so much!


Ca*** 27 April 2022  

Thank you very much for these nice comments. With love :)

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