05 July 2020
4 months before treatment

Breast Reduction and Lifting

 First of all, if you suffer from low back pain, the only correct address is Op.Dr. Ömer Sağır, I want you to know this..

My doctor Ömer Sağır I had a breast reduction and lift surgery in November 2019. If I'm this good today, it's only because of him and his amazing team. Thanks to him, I am a healthy and happy person who is now free from low back pain and can wear the clothes he wants comfortably.

He and her staff, including her smiling, sincere and sincere behavior, prepared me so well before and after the surgery that I successfully survived my surgery with that confidence.

Today is my 8th month and my scars have gradually eased, I have no pain, I feel like a newborn to live, I have been wearing the bikini dress I wanted for years.

Then I can wear it easily. Who wouldn't want to feel so good and get rid of back pain.. If you have such a problem, I would say leave it to safe and reliable hands. I found him as a result of long doctor research. And thanks to God, I now have a more self-confident, painless upright posture. I recommend you too..

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Omer Sagir, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
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