18 October 2019
2 months after treatment

One of the best decisions of my life: Rhinoplasty

Taking the decision to have a nose job was a very difficult decision for me. Because in my new shape, my face might look completely different. It's really hard to put my feelings into words.

I can not describe the happiness I feel now :) After I decided to be the nose job, I told my best friend that I was grateful to her and she was with me until the end.

I was quite nervous on the day of surgery, but the hospital staff, two sweet nurses, Mr. Murat and Mr. Aziz and I could not remember the name of the other personnel greeted me very friendly and polite. And of course, my plastic surgeon, Mr. Ersin, told me the whole process and I was in absolutely safe hands.

Everything happened so quickly. My healing process is the same. I came back to work after 9 days. I didn't have a bruise. But there was some swelling.

I would like to thank my doctor again for changing my life positively and being so interested in me. I've seen a lot of noses that don't really look natural, I love my own nose so much. I have a very successful doctor and I feel very lucky to see the result.

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Mehmet Ersin Gonullu, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review My doctor is very good at work, I would definitely recommend to all my family friends.
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