01 May 2017
6 months after treatment

I thought for 1.5 years to have rhinoplasty

In this article I will talk about my nose cosmetic surgery in detail, and I will try to help you remove the question marks in your mind ... I had the thought of making nose aesthetics on my agenda for nearly 1.5 years.

A little fear, a little posture to spend comfortably, and most importantly for me to put my sunglasses postpone the surgery to postpone the end of November I found the end of surgery ..

28 April 2017
5 months after treatment

Choosing the Doctor / First Consultation Stage

I followed the 3 doctors I determined for a long time and finally decided on my doctor Volkan Kahya. I contacted him immediately. He responded quickly and asked me for front and side photos of my nose.

I asked the doctor for an average price and it was ok for me. During the examination, I told the doctor what kind of result I wanted.

The doctor gave me information about nose construction. He said that the curvature can be corrected and that small aesthetic touches that I want can also be done during this time.

Since I did not want to have surgery in the summer, I asked for a later date and Dr. Volkan said that it would be enough for me to contact him again 2 weeks before the date I want to have the surgery.

28 April 2017
5 months after treatment

Determining the date of surgery, Information about prices and what to do before the surgery

If you have an operation in the summer, it is like not going out in the sun. You pay your surgery fee in cash just before the surgery. Since it will be a paid surgery with a credit card, any contracted institution and insurance are not valid.

Your surgery fee includes; pre-operative blood tests, post-operative check-ups and your 1 night stay in the hospital.. As they said, I made my appointment 2 weeks later..

After my surgery date was determined, my doctor's assistant Ms. Merve sent me a detailed e-mail explaining what I should do after this stage.

Three days before my surgery, I went to Biruni University Hospital to have my blood tests and to meet with the anesthesiologist.. My surgery was also in this hospital.. My doctor has a separate practice..

I also gave the consent by donating blood, reading the information forum about the surgery and accepting the possible risks. After I gave it to him, my work was done for that day and I started to wait for the surgery date..

I was told that my blood results would be in the hands of my doctor on the day of surgery, I did not expect any results..

28 April 2017
5 months after treatment

Surgery Day

My surgery was going to be at 10 am.. I was told that I shouldn't eat/drink anything after 12:00 at night.

We were in the hospital 1.5 hours before the operation time.. My friend Yeşim was with me.. We went to our room.. My room was very clean and beautiful..

If I'm going to criticize the hospital, they forgot to bring our dinner.. And even though we asked for it a few times, it didn't come..

01 May 2017
6 months after treatment

Surgery Moment and Post

At the operating room door, they gave me medicine in my arm. As I entered the operating room, my head started to lighten slightly. When I opened my eyes, I was in my room and my friend was next to me.

I didn't feel any pain.. I was told that I should not lie on my back, definitely not to the right or left side.. We had to put ice on my eyes for quite an hour.. I think it was 10 minutes every hour.. This was to keep the swelling and bruises under control..

I was feeling good, my only problem was that my back hurt because I had to lie flat all the time. The night was fun. I went down to the cafe with my friend and even drank tea. I was snoring while sleeping alone at night :)) I woke up with my own snoring sound all the time.

After staying at the hospital for 1 night, our check-out procedures were done quickly, we did not wait.. Ms. Merve brought my prescription consisting of 1 antibiotic, 1 vitamin, 1 special allergy medicine, 1 pain killerr and 3 separate drops..

She told me about the drugs by shooting a video.. I liked this method.. I used this video at home while using my drugs.. Keep in mind that most of the drugs are not paid by contracted institutions..

Ms. Merve gave me detailed information about what to do after the operation:

  • How should I rest at home,

  • Teeth will not be brushed for 3 days,

  • Gum will not be chewed for 3 days,

  • 10 days of heavy sports will not be done,

  • water will not touch your face,

  • It's like having your hair washed at the hairdresser.

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