17 April 2017
3 years after treatment

My experience with Soner Tatlidere

I’m 28 and I had fine lines between my eyebrows due to constantly frowning, sunbathing, frowning again, and squinting. While I visit Mr. Tatlıdede, I had my first botox done. I’ll share before and after photos.

01 May 2017
3 years after treatment

''did not cause loss of expression.''

First, botox did not cause loss of expression. My biggest fear was to end up having a surprised look on my face, but that didn’t happen. I had it done both in the middle of my eyebrows and around my eyes. Crow’s feet started to appear around my eyes.

Now, let’s look at the natural state of the middle of the eyebrows. You can see the lines in the middle, now one week after Botox treatment, (Botox affects the lines a week later, not the moment it’s done), and here the lines are gone! It’s such an amazing thing! All the fine lines go away in a week and you don’t even have to deal with creams or anything. Now I have a rested, relaxed expression.

There are serious differences between before and after Botox. By the way, I forgot to photograph the area around my eyes, so I can’t show the after, but just like the middle of the eyebrows, there are no lines left. I am extremely satisfied.

By the way, we talked to Mr. Tatlıdede, and he said ‘’ Botox is a process that eliminates wrinkles and prevents new wrinkles. Because we keep dealing with creams, etc. but we still get wrinkles. When those muscles are stopped and not used thanks to Botox, they do not wear out, hence they do not form new wrinkles. Mr. Soner explained it like this: "If you wear a shoe a lot, it becomes old, right? Now you don't wear that shoe and it doesn't become old."

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