13 February 2022

My magnificent septorhinoplasty result with Dr. Derhat Ilen

I had chronic sinusitis problem and polyps for approximately 5 years. After 5 years, when I couldn't breathe through my nose. After that, I decided to have an operation. By the way, I went to many doctors about my problems so I couldn’t get success results.

Finally, after a long search, I met Dr. Ferhat Ilen. Also, it’s my brother's recommendation. I got confidence from him then I decided to have the surgery.

Especially, I was very scared because it would be my first surgery. Dr Ferhat Ilen has a reassuring behavior, kindness, smiling face and with the courage, he was convinced me to have the surgery. (I am very grateful today.)

Then, I had a really risky surgery. After the operation Dr Ferhat Ilen removed over 100 polyp from me. Also the polyp consist of around number of 5 in normal people. Dr Ferhat Ilen was a biggest chance in this process for me.

I can breathe again well, feel better, and sleep well after many years. I am infinitely grateful to him.

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Ferhat Ilen, MD Otolaryngologist
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