03 August 2021
9 months after treatment

I am grateful to Ms. Sebnem for my breast reduction surgery

Dr. Şebnem performed my breast reduction surgery. She even dressed me up in my surgical gown and took care of me. She listened to me before the operation, allowing me to share my fear and excitement, and I went into the procedure with a smile on my face. I am still smiling because of the result. I will be grateful to my doctor for the rest of my life and every time I look in the mirror.


Go*** 01 November 2021  

Hello. We can't find an appointment for Ms. Hürrem, when we called the hospital, they said things like she was going to leave the hospital. If there is a number that we can reach, can you please write your number to [email protected]?

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Hurrem Sebnem Gurler, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review Ms. Sebnem is such a beautiful and sweet woman that she makes you feel warm like a friend or sister before your doctor. I'm glad I chose you for my surgery.
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