27 November 2018
5 months after treatment

Farewell to the deep scar on my forehead thanks to Evren Gokmese

A deep line appeared on my forehead next to my eyebrow, from top to bottom when I smiled or got angry. I received many warnings from my friends about getting Botox. I've been reading and researching. Although it seems like it can be done anywhere, I think you should research it too. I feel very comfortable with Dr.Evren Gökeşme. I had read the comments about him, and when I met him, I was glad that I chose him. No matter how serious I look, that line doesn't come back. Do not be misunderstood, everything is just right, my facial expressions are still here. That's why I suggest you have it done by an expert. 

Treatment Provider
Evren Gokesme, MD Dermatology
Review I would definitely recommend my doctor. She was a doctor I was able to communicate with. Very hard in his business officially disappeared that hard line on my forehead.
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