03 April 2018
2 years after treatment

Under-eye sunkenness and wrinkles

I was looking for a method for my under-eye sunken eyes. When a 34-year-old woman hears how collapsed you are, she finally decides to turn her research into practice.

The dermatologist I went to said that he did not find it right to do anything on the eye. That's why he said don't do anything between the upper eyelid and eyebrow, it's hollow, handle it. He recommended Redensity II (2 syringes) for my under-eye sunkenness (1 measure 1200 TL, 2400 TL for 2 measures) and Dysport (150 units) for my crow's feet and forehead lines (720 TL).

I accepted the transaction that day and had it done. (Six installments were made to the credit card.) (August 2015)

Drugs such as creams etc. were not applied before. Because it is not a painful procedure. In addition, studies have revealed that using such products reduces the duration of the effect (permanence). Then ice etc. He didn't suggest putting it either.

It is necessary not to use blood thinners before the procedure. Aspirin, green tea etc. He attaches a long cannula to the tip of the Redensity syringe and enters it from the lower corner of the eye and performs the procedure.

Thus, it does not drill holes in more than one point. I felt absolutely no pain in Redensity. But then he started the botox part, it's done with a short-tipped syringe. You may feel a little bit of pain, especially when applying it to the middle of the eyebrow.

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Evren Gokesme, MD Dermatology
Review It was the first time I saw a doctor on the internet and I prefer this doctor because it was close to Estetica.
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