28 November 2022
3 months after treatment

3rd the month of my rhinoplasty surgery

We have passed the 3rd month of my rhinoplasty. Although it seemed very swollen in the beginning, although I was constantly disturbed by my questions, we finished my recovery period without being offended in any way, by answering all my questions and with a good interest. Although my skin is extremely sensitive, as they say, my swelling has gone down and my nose has settled down. In general, it can take 2 years for a nose to heal because even though all my external swellings have disappeared, it can take that long for the nose to recover, they said it's great now, but it will be much more stable after 2 years. Honestly, I'm curious because, after years of living with a big bony nose, it seems like it would be no further than the nose I have now, but I trust my doctor, whatever he said was not in vain. I was extremely happy in my 3rd-month control, now I will wait for the 6th-month control and I'm sure I will continue with a much sweeter and more settled nose as he said. You can trust Dr. Caghan very easily :)

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Caghan Baytekin, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
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