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04 May 2020

Hello, For nose aesthetics, it is enough to fill your 17 years old for girls and 18 years old for boys. Detailed examination is important. You can reach us from our contact numbers. Thanks for your question, Healthy Days.

14 December 2020

Hello ... I'm Merve, a doctor's assistant from DrBerat Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. Could you please fill in a short form that we will send you and consult us with your photos so that we can answer your question in the most appropriate way? You can reach us by calling or via WhatsApp. If you are out of town, you can make a free video call appointment with Op.Dr.Berat Cigdem. Hope to see you, stay well.

14 November 2017

The ideal is to wait 18 years. In some special cases, the date of surgery may be considered.

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