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24 April 2020

Hello, If the chin is behind, I recommend a chin filling without surgery. If you are satisfied with the filling in the first stage, permanent oil injection can be done. It will be more natural as an image. You can reach us from our contact numbers for detailed examination. Thanks for your question, Healthy Days.

12 April 2019

Hello, our genioplasty price is 12.000 TL. We can arrange an appointment for you. BRIDIE EGEMEN rinoIstanbul PATIENT COORDINATOR Bagdat Caddesi Zumrut apt. No 378 Floor: 1 Apartment: 5 34728 Saskinbakkal Kadikoy / ISTANBUL 0216 302 69 00 +90544 302 6988 [email protected] www.rinoistanbul.com www.drgoksel.com www.kulakburunbogaz.com

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