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04 April 2020

Hello, detailed examination is important for revision nasal aesthetics. In our clinic, a special simulation study is carried out for you. For detailed examination, you can send your photos to our +905320563693 number via whatsapp. You can review the pre-post photos of our patients with revision nasal aesthetics via the link https://drsuleymantas.com/rhinoplasty-gallery/#1559308255739-a8af6c9d-873c. Healthy days.

13 December 2019

Hello For further information please send your photos by calling +90 538 541 76 86 (whatsapp). View Nezail's Full Profile

07 December 2019

hello you need to be examined for this. it's hard to say something without seeing

02 December 2019

Hello It is not possible to say whether it will be as you wish without seeing your nose. I suggest you have an examination. Good afternoon, Op. Dr. View Ayse's Full Profile

29 November 2019

Hello, frankly, it is not possible to say whether your problem can be solved with a new surgery without seeing and examining you. If you can make an appointment when you are eligible, we can discuss the situation and talk about what can be done... Regards

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